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Let me introduce myself. My name is Fidi Firdaus.You can call me Fidi or Firdaus.I am a Fitness enthusiasts and my life have every link to fitness.My full-time career is as a Fitness Instructor in SAF.You guys must be thinking am i a army regular?nahnah!
I am employed by external agencies to train the army recruits.

I am also a Founder of one of the bootcamps in Singapore called Bootcamp Virgins. My company does fitness bootcamps,pilates,yoga,boxercise,personal training and corporate fitness as well.It is just set up a few months back and still in the initial stage.I am also a Personal Trainer with Supplementshop.com.sg, a company selling health and fitness supplement in Singapore.

As you can see,everything about me involve health and fitness element..I love gathering new facts about fitness and also human well-being..If you got any questions for me related to Health and Fitness, just post me you question to bootcampvirgins@gmail.com and i will try my very best to give you a satisfying answer. Do have fun reading my blogs and be a follower if you like what you are reading.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Weeks Training Program to Beach Body e-book

Craving for the Beach Body that you always wanted?

Need a Personal Trainer But could not afford one?

Need someone to guide you even when you are at home?

Now you can have all these with our 5 week Fitness Program!!

Benefits of our 5 week Fitness Program:

- Tested and Proven.

- Specially designed by ACE Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Virgins FOUNDER.

- Cost-effective and much cheaper than getting a Personal Trainer.

- Burn up to 1000 calories per session.

- Easy to perform exercises.

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